Abyx Chemical Manufacturing in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa is a leading household and industrial cleaning chemicals manufacturer providing a variety of custom made cleaning products i.e. laundry detergents, dishwash liquid (Pine gel), washing powder, thick bleach gel, air freshener, fabric softener, drain cleaner, tile cleaner, carpet & upholstery shampoo, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, hand soap, car care etc. We do deliveries from Pretoria up to Polokwane (Limpopo), Nelspruit (Mpum), Rustenburg (Northwest), Vereeniging, Welkom and Johannesburg.

Contract manufacturing:
Contract manufacturing is the core of Abyx Chemical Manufacturing business and provides a variety of custom made products and Private label brands by using our versatile manufacturing plant and a well organized productive labour force.

Tenders & Bulk supplies:
Abyx Chemicals specialises in manufacturing products for Government Tenders in the Cleaning Sector at favourable pricing to enable entrepreneurs to buy and resell products for their own profit.

Business opportunities:
We also manufactures our own Abyx house brand range of quality household cleaning products at affordable prices that is ideally suitable for the entrepreneur to buy and resell or relabeling the products for their own profit.

Quality management system ISO 9001:
Abyx supply products and service of a high standard that complies with both national and international standards by implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. Abyx has been accredited since November 2009. Abyx products are not tested on animals and are bio-degradable to ensure no harm to the environment.

Factory shop:
A Factory shop is situated at the Food Hub, Simon Vermooten Street, Silverton, Pretoria. See map.

Our Products
Our range of products includes the following:

Laundry care
Fabric Softener: Available in Rose and Supreme.
Washing powders: Washing powders, formulated for Hand wash, Twin Tubs and Automatic washing machines.
Laundry liquid: Alternative to using powder detergents.
Fabric Stain Remover: Spot remover for blood stained clothing and sheets.
Laundry booster: Whitening powder and stain remover.

Personal care
Liquid hand wash soap: Cleanses, moisturizes, deodorizes and is gentle on the skin.
Bubble bath: Leaves the skin delicately fragranced.

Air freshener
Air freshener: Water-soluble room freshener available in 2 variances.

Linen spray    
Linen spray: Water-soluble room & linen freshener.

Car care products
Car Wash & Wax: Wax-based car shampoo containing Carnauba wax.
Car Shampoo: Liquid detergent car wash.
Tyre Shine: Restores tyres and vinyl trim black colour.
Supreme Engine Degreaser: Heavy duty cleaning agent.

Household cleaners
Household cleaners:
All purpose cleaner
Heavy duty cleaner
Pine Kleen multipurpose cleaner
Ammoniated cleaner
Black Dip cleaner
Pine Gel cleaning gel
Orange Gel cleaning gel
Window cleaner
Carpet and upholstery shampoo
Tile cleaner (Pot Pourri and Alpine)
Bath & tile cleaner

Dishwashing liquid
Dishwashing liquid: Ranging from a catering grade Dishwash liquid Super to Dishwashing Liquid Gel. Lemon-scented, cuts grease and dirt from dishes.

Dishwash machine powder
Dazzyl Machine Powder & Rinse Aid: A detergent containing enzymes that is formulated for all makes of dishwashers and is effective in soft, medium and hard water. For best results, use in conjunction with Dazzyl Rinse Aid which eliminates streaking and spotting on cutlery and glasses.

Bathroom cleaning products
Toilet Gel
Urinal screens
Deo urinal blocks

Drain cleaner
Drain Cleaner: Unblock sinks and drains. Granular or liquid.

Floor & carpet care
Carpet care:
Carpet Fresh powder
Carpet & upholstery cleaner

Floor care:
Mop and shine liquid floor polish.
Floor stripper.

Tile cleaners:
Suitable for use on ceramic tiles, floor and vinyl surfaces.

Refill sachets:
500ml sachets are available in the following products:
Ammoniated cleaner
Bubble Bath - Herbal
Car Wash and Wax
Dishwashing Liquid - Economy
Dishwashing Liquid - Orange
Pine Gel
Orange gel
Supreme Fabric Softener

Thick bleach gel: Whitening and bleaching agent.
Household bleach: Brighten laundry & clean basins, toilets.

Fine Fragrances
A range of Ladies and Men’s Fine Fragrance interpretations made from imported perfume oils and packed in a 50ml bottle:

Ladies fragrance range (Perfumes)
Attraction  (Inspired by Hugo Boss XX)
Attitude (Inspired by Black Opium YSL
Dreams  (Inspired by Fantasy by Britney Spears)
Sensation  (Inspired by Princess Vera Wang)
Emotion  (Inspired by Be Delicious DKNY)
Finesse  (Inspired by A Touch of Pink Lacoste)
Infinity  (Inspired by Eternity Calvin Klein)
Inspire  (Inspired by Red Door Elizabeth Arden)
Play  (Inspired by Hypnotic Poison Dior)
Tease  (Inspired by Lady Million Paco Rabanne)
Tomboy  (Inspired by Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger)

Mens fragrance range (Aftershave)
Envy  (Inspired by Lacoste pour Homme)
Instinct  (Inspired by Tommy Hilfiger)
Quest  (Inspired by 212 VIP Carolina Herrera)
Storm  (Inspired by One Million-Paco Rabanne)
Splash  (Inspired by Invictus Paco Rabanne)
Odyssey  (Inspired by The One by Dolce and Gabbana)
Legend  (Inspired by Dunhill Desire Blue)

Sundry items
Furniture polishes
Urinal screens
Star Napkins